Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend update!

What a long but lovely weekend!! It was such a short and busy whirlwind trip so I didn't get to see everyone that I had hoped to in the city, but luckily I'll be home for a week before Thanksgiving so I can catch up then. Also, I didn't bring my computer with me and tried to update from my phone once, but it ended up being too difficult of a process. Here is the quick rundown of all my my training from the past couple days!

Thursday was yoga, but with a different teacher for the day. Definitely challenging but I was surprised with myself in that I finally got the hang of one-legged chaturangas. Kind of. I think I sink into my shoulders a bit too much so I'm still working on pushing out of them.

I had an early morning on Friday to make it to the airport for my flight. Although I'm usually late for many things, I'm never ever late to the airport. It makes me too crazy. However, it usually means I end up sitting around for a loooong time especially because my flights are often delayed, which of course happened last Friday. Luckily I made it to NY at last and my mama picked me up and we headed upstate where I got to meet the new puppy! He is so sweet and I can't wait for Thanksgiving when all three Havanese pups get to play together. We'll have our own mini-herd of Havanese puppies wreaking havoc all over the house, with my Martha probably being the fearless ring leader.

Even though it was freeeeezing outside at aroun 40 degrees, my mom and I did a 7 mile trail run on the Walden Rail Trail. What a gorgeous place to run! I also got to test out some of my cold weather running gear and I warmed up pretty nicely. I think I need gloves though as my thumbs were pretty cold for most of it.

I was surprised how nice and comfortable it was to run with her. We were aiming for an 11min/mile pace, but hit under every mile. I think running with someone forces me to push my pace and then she pushes her and back and forth. When I upload my Garmin data later tonight, I'll put up the splits but it ended up being 7 miles in 1:16:05. Awesome. I really liked the Luna energy chews. I still find that around mile 5 or 6 I start to fade but hopefully munching on those will help me get some much needed energy to my muscles! I didn't feel too shabby the next day either, and haven't yet resorted to an ice bath!

Update for mile splits!:
Mile 1: 9:58
Mile 2: 10:21
Mile 3: 10:47
Mile 4: 11:15
Mile 5: 11:17
Mile 6: 10:56
Mile 7: 11:30
So I guess we didn't hit under 11 minutes every mile. Oh well. :)

On Saturday, I made it to the Lululemon store on the Upper East Side and it was love at first sight. I just wandered around for a bit picking stuff up and adding it to my pile. In the end, here are a few of the things I got: Swift tank, yoga towel, headbands, water bottle, and Groove pants for my mom. They even hemmed them for her in the store and are shipping them upstate to her. So nice. My bank account is going to be in so much trouble when the Nashville store opens up. Plus, my favorite yoga teacher, Gillian, is teaching the first community yoga class there on the opening day! Life is so good. :)

Back to this weekend, Sunday I did some speed work in the hotel gym (ick, treadmill). It was 40 degrees and rainy in the middle of nowhere Jersey so I didn't want to run outside. I planned to do a 2 mile speed workout, then stretch and do abs, then repeat the 2 mile speed workout again. I did the first set and it was SO hot in there. There was no air movement and the air between me and the treadmill screen was just hot and dead. So I did my stretching and some quick mini yoga, and hopped back on the treadmill. A half mile in, I paled and got cold and clammy so I hopped off and called it the end. I've never passed out, but I've come awful close in the gym a few times when it's too hot or I haven't eaten recently so I try to play it safe. Plus, there was all that wedding dancing later on at night. The wedding was beautiful and lots of fun, as expected!!

Finally, this morning, I took a flight back to Nashville. It was super early and my knees kept cramping on the flight so I was exhausted and cranky for most of the day. Instead of doing my scheduled run, I went to a yoga class which was a lovely way to start the week and loosen me up from a weekend of flying and running. Lots and lots of lunges and warriors so it was definitely a class for quad strengthening!

Whew. So that's the quick rundown. I have more yoga tomorrow night and then a run on Wednesday. Busy busy busy. I also registered for the Nashville Halloween 5k! Now I need to think of a running-friendly costume. I think fairy wings are probably aerodynamic. :) I also realized that this is my first official 5k and I'm running it exactly a week before my first half marathon. I probably should've spaced those a little better... oops. :)

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