Friday, October 23, 2009

In a rush!

Busy busy busy! Please pardon the quick updates for the next few weeks. I have a giant project due next Friday. Honestly, I probably spend more time thinking about how much work I have to do and finding ways to put it off instead of actually doing it. As is, unfortunately, the norm for me. Anyway, so Tuesday as usual was yoga. Lots of quad work, for sure. I was actually thinking that I may either take the Thursday before the half-marathon off of yoga or ask her to not do so many warriors. I can't tire those muscles out!!

On to Wednesday which was supposed to be my short run of about 4 miles. However, because of my weird Wednesday schedule, I had to do it inside again so I got about a mile and a half into it and gave up. I'm surprised how running on a treadmill makes me so aggravated. It's all mental I realize and I really need to work on just calming my mind down. Once I start thinking that I hate what I'm doing, it's usually less than 5 minutes before I hop off and walk back home. I need some more mental stamina stamina stamina...

Thursday was yoga again. I'm surprised because at this class, there were more men than women again. This makes me happy because so many people think yoga is only for girls, but it's for everyone. :) The highlight of the class for me was definitely that I held my handstand (without the wall) for a few seconds for the first time. I wasn't expecting it at all either, which is actually probably why I did it. I wish I had some place to practice more. I don't have a lot of open wall space in my apartment and the carpet makes it hard. I wonder if some studios have open time?

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to get my 12 mile run out of the way. I had wanted to do it today but it was in the 70s and tomorrow will be in the low 50s which is much more comfortable. I'm also thinking that I may just do the full 13.1 miles just for my mental piece of mind.

Ok, must sleep and do work. Hope to have more time to do a real update later.

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