Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yoga Beginnings

Yoga class today! I've been looking forward to the class since my last one late last week. Right now, I only have two classes scheduled per week and although I would love to add another, I'm a bit worried about over training with running and yoga and recreational softball. I was pretty much just a lazy slug this summer so this past September has been rather active!

I started taking yoga classes at my undergrad a few years ago and loved it. It was really the perfect way to start to learn because the class was 4 times a week AND I got school credit for it! I'm pretty thankful for those classes because they gave me a pretty nice foundation to work off of. In the past 3 years, I've been on-again off-again with it and usually slack when I start to get really busy. I'm hoping to stick with it this time around though because it makes such an enormous difference in my mind set and relieves a lot of the stress that I've been putting my legs through! My goal for this class is to work on crow pose. I've gotten up into it, but usually just for a few seconds. I'm hoping that I can hold it for a few breaths today. Do you have any poses that you are working on?

I must get going but I will leave you with a picture of my pup, who is the sweetest most gorgeous little doggie in the world.

Meet Martha!

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