Sunday, September 20, 2009

Running Pains

Soooo frustrated with my body today! According to my training schedule, today was supposed to be a seven miler. The weather here has been so rainy recently, so I just decided to try for it in the rain. It was actually very nice and cool but then my right knee decided it wasn't going any further. I got about 4 1/2 miles into it and on one step, my right foot hit the ground and pain shot through the outside of my right knee. This knee has always been a bit of a problem for me and it frustrates me so much! I walked on it a bit and then tried to run again and it hurt to even bend my knee.

While trying to run again, I noticed that I was favoring it and starting to kick my foot out to the right just to clear the pavement so I cut the run short just at about 5 miles. The yogini in me was telling me to listen to my body and to be forgiving of a sore knee, but athlete in me was basically screaming obscenities at it. A bit of an internal Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde argument. I know it's never good to run on something that hurts so sharply, but it just feels like I'm at such a roadblock.


I feel like my body has been fighting me through out this training. I've been waiting to enjoy the workouts and the training sessions but so far I dread most of it. I need to find some kind of happy medium so that I don't end up really injuring myself. I guess I'm not quite sure what to do differently. I've been pretty diligent on the strength training and yoga, eating really well, and took extra care to hydrate well today. I've had the knee MRIed just to make sure there isn't anything structurally wrong but this has happened a few times before. I think I may talk to a running coach to see if there is a problem with my stride that is putting stress on my outer knee. Sigh, I'll get through it and even if I have to walk part of this half marathon, I'll cross that finish line!

At least I did have a delicious post run dinner though! I haven't been eating much meat recently (an upcoming post on that) so eggs have been my go-to food. So I had some whole wheat pasta mixed with blanched grape tomatoes and arugula, a little feta, and all topped with a fried egg. Egg onto of any kind of carbohydrate is a favorite comfort food of mine! I took a picture of it but it looks like if I'm going to be uploading food pictures, I need a better camera! It did not look very appetizing on my little low quality camera.

OK, on that note I'm off to play with the pup a bit. With all this awful rainy weather, she's looking a bit forlorn from being stuck inside so much recently.

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