Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yoga and Acorn Squash Adventures

Ah, yoga was as lovely last night as I expected it would be. It's definitely a pretty tough workout for me and I pour sweat (such an attractive, feminine quality, I know) but I really love it. We spent a lot of the class working on back bends which I adore so it was a pretty fun class! I think I finally got the hang of flipping the dog too. Tuesdays classes are more instructive while Thursdays are more flow-y so it's a very nice combination. Hopefully I can add one in on Saturday too this week.

I ran out of healthy food on Sunday or so and never got around to getting to the grocery store so for Sunday and Monday, I kind of just ate crap. (Well, crap for me.) Grilled ham and cheese, grits with butter, chocolate covered pretzels, eh. I was surprised how blah I felt because of it, and rather quickly. Yoga always inspires me to do and eat good things though so I restocked yesterday. I bought an acorn squash, which I've never worked with, and through a quick online search, found this recipe that I think that I will try out tonight. I'd like to roast a head of cauliflower too for the next couple of days. I love cauliflower in eggs... maybe with some potato and spinach and cheese for a frittata? Delicious. This upcoming weekend (which starts for me tomorrow night - no class on Friday!), I'd like to do some cooking for the upcoming week. I love making homemade soups and they are so easy for midweek meal because you can freeze them. Plus, I've been meaning to make some more veggie burgers, but they take forever without a food processor. Maybe I'll just give in and buy a Cuisinart...

I also hope to get a run in today. I have a softball game, but I think that counts more as hanging out than real exercise so hopefully I can squeeze it in. My breaks are annoying on Wednesdays though because they are all about 2 hours long... not quite long enough to get a whole lot done but too long to just be lazy. At least I've been a little bit better on the sleep front. I was asleep by 1am last night and up around 8am... I'd love to be a morning person and I think it just will take some training to go to bed earlier and get up by 6:30am everday. I feel like I waste so much time with my current schedule.

Anyway, the weather is finally gorgeous and is so autumn-y! I guess I should bite my tongue from what I said a few days back! I think I'll go sit outside for a bit before shuffling back to class... mmm...

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